US Military Embeds & Coverage

Dr Bob has been a regular embed with the US military during many major conflicts.  The United States Marine Corps made him an honorary Blue Knight, the HMM 365 Helicopter squadron he embedded with at the beginning of the Iraqi war.  He was also honored as an honorary Bulldog by the third Brigade of the first armored division in Baghdad.

Dr. Arnot Embeds with the U.S. Army and Marine Corps in Djibouti, the horn of Africa
Dr Arnot embeds with the 82nd Airborne during Afghan elections and with U.S. Special Forces Group 3 as they hunt the Taliban

Dr Arnot has embedded with most major branches of the military having flown F 16 and F15 aircraft with the US Air Force, sailed on five carriers, 3 Cruisers and 5 destroyers with the US Navy and embedded with Marine Corps MEWS and Regimental Combat Teams and on Coast Guard Cutters.  Dr Arnot has worked on humanitarian efforts in Baghdad, Africa and Indonesia. 

QUOTE: Brig. Gen. Mark Hertling, said he and his colleagues had recently done an assessment of the 37 reporters they’d worked with, determining which ones they liked and which ones they didn’t. “Thirty-seven different reporters we talked about, and we decided who we would really like to go to war with in the future, or who we would like to drink a beer with later on,” General Hertling told NYTV. “I won’t tell you that number,” he added, laughing, but he did say Dr. Arnot was at the top of the list.

US Marine Corps

First Marine Expeditionary Force. 2003

  • ‍Lead correspondent for liberation of Iraq
  • First correspondent to reach Baghdad
  • 1st Regimental Combat Team
  • Command Element

US Army

Gulf War 2: Iraq: 101st air assault, 82nd airborne and 1st Armored Division

Gulf War 1: Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Afghanistan: War on terror 2001 2002 2004 2005 2007

  • ‍82 Airborne,
  • 10th Mountain,
  • Special Forces Group 3.
  • Task Force Devil, Host
  • Philippines: War on Terror… Abu Sayaf Group. Special Forces

US Air Force

Rwanda Genocide

Iraq: Kurdish Refugee Crisis 1991

Kosovo Conflict

  • Observed and reported on bombing campaign

Aircraft Flown

  • F-16
  • F-15
  • C17 simulator
  • V22 Osprey sim

US Navy

2002 Bahrain: Fifth fleet embed

  • 5 carriers
  • 1 CG
  • 5 DDGS

Operation Sea Dragon (Discovery Special)

Somalia famine:

Tsunami, Indonesia: US Navy helo relieve mission. Carrier ops

Djibouti: Chasing Somali pirates

US Coast Guard

  • ICE ops… Puget Sound
  • Iraqi Oil rig protection

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