Performance Nutrition & Coffee Expert

Dr Bob has reported on and written about nutrition for over three decades. He pioneered and popularized concepts such as glucose load, inflammation and the prevention of cancer and heart disease through diet.  His current best seller is the Aztec diet on the amazing powers of Chia and the ancient grains and foods of the Aztecs. His newest book will be the Coffee Diet on coffee as a super food.

Dr Arnot has also conducted nearly three years research on coffee both in human trials and in an advanced analytical chemistry laboratory.  He has found super premium beans with astonishing biologically active effects.  IN authoring his latest book on coffee, he also “authored” a line of coffees to incorporate all he has learned about the world’s best beans. You may enjoy these as Dr Danger and Daktari coffees.  Dr Danger is aimed at the performance athlete and those looking for an energy coffee.



The Aztec Diet

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